Migrated into GitHub. Will be removed at the end of the CLDR v41 release cycle:

The Unicode Utilities have been modified to support both properties from the released version of Unicode (via ICU) and from the new Unicode beta.

To get the beta version of the property, insert β after the property name. Examples:



Released version of Unicode

Beta version of Unicode

For example, to see additions to that property value in the beta version, use:



The support is not complete done, and there are some known problems.

    1. Some properties are not supported in beta versions. See for the list.

    2. When characters are listed, the new blocks and subheads don't show up.

    3. If you use a property that has a β version but no ICU version, you get no error: just an empty listing.

    4. The beta properties don't yet have the "shorthands" for cases like \p{Lu}. So make sure the property is listed, eg \p{gcβ=Lu}

      1. Example: \p{gcβ=Lu}-\p{gc=Lu}

    5. Tools for segmentation, etc. use the release properties; there isn't a way to have them use the beta properties.

    6. There are probably others...

If you find a problem, please file a ticket at make sure to start the summary with "Unicode Utilities: "