BRS: Copy en_GB to en_001

The program can be used to copy data from en_GB up to en_001.


  • -u (uplevel) — move elements from en_GB into en_oo1. By default, the output directory is common/main and common/annotations in trunk

    • If not present, just write a comparison to Generated/cldr/comparison/en.txt

  • -v (verbose) — provide verbose output

  1. Run with no options first.

    1. That generates a file that indicates what changes would be made.

    2. Put that file in a spreadsheet

    3. Post to the CLDR TC for review.

    4. You'll then want to retract any items that shouldn't be copied.

    5. Change if there are paths that should be skipped in the future.

  2. Once you agree on the results, you'll run -u.

    1. That will modify your local copy of en_oo1.xml

    2. Then do a diff with HEAD to make sure it matches expectations

    3. Then check in en_oo1.xml and