Character Labels

CLDR has different types of character labels.

    • Category Labels are used for broad categories of characters, such as “Punctuation”, or “Smileys & People”. The main usage is in “character/symbol pickers”.

    • Category Patterns are used to compose labels. For example, the pattern “{0} — Historic” can be composed with “Punctuation” to produce “Punctuation — Historic

    • Annotations are used for more specific features of characters, such as “cactus”. Annotations do not need to be unique. They can be used in predictive typing, such as when typing “p i z” shows🍕 in a suggestion box.

    • TTS Labels are used for Text-to-Speech support, where a character is read aloud. They are typically a shortened and sometimes reworded version of the formal Unicode name. They may be combined with a Category Label for disambiguation. The names may not be unique, although they should be unique within a category.