Survey Tool stages


Data collection in the Survey tool has 4 stages:

    1. Shakedown

    2. General submission

    3. Vetting

    4. Resolution

Full vs. Limited Submission

There are two types of releases: full, and limited-submission.

    • Full-submission:

      • Typically with the even versions (e.g. Version 36).

      • All languages and data areas are open for contributions.

  • Limited-submission

      • Typically with odd versions (e.g. version 37).

      • Selected fields are open for all locales; the voting options will be grayed out for those data points that are not in scope.

        • Proceed with Submission (General), but start with the Dashboard and focus on Errors*, Missing†, Provisional

      • Selected locales are open for votes on all fields.

        • Proceed with Submission (General).

Survey Tool phase: Shakedown

Make sure your coverage level is set correctly at the top of the page.

Shakedown is on an invitation basis. If you have not received an invitation to participate in shakedown, your participation is discouraged.

You should know in this stage:

    • The survey tool is live and all data that you enter will be saved and used.

    • You can start work

    • Expect a churn: there may be additional Tooling fixes and Data additions during this period.

    • Tool may be taken down for updates more frequently during general submission

    • You are expected to look for issues with the Survey tool and any other problems you encounter as a vetter. Please file a ticket.

Survey Tool phase: General Submission

Make sure your coverage level is set correctly at the top of the page.

For new locales or ones where the goal is to increase the level, it is best to proceed page-by-page starting with the Core Data section. At the top of each page you can see the number of items open on the page. Then scan down the page to see all the places where you need to vote (including adding items). Some

Then please focus on the Dashboard view, first getting all Missing† items entered, and then addressing any remaining Errors* and reviewing the English Changed (fixing your language if necessary).

* Note that if the committee finds systematic errors in data, new tests can be added during the submission period, resulting in new Errors.

† Among the Missing are are new items for translation. (On the Dashboard, New means winning values that have changed since the last release.)

If you are working in a sub-locales (such as fr_CA), coordinate with others on the Forum to work on each section after it is are done in the main locale (fr). That way you avoid additional work and gratuitous differences. See voting for inheritance vs. hard votes in Survey Tool guide.

Survey Tool phase: Vetting

All contributors are encourage to move their focus to the Dashboard view. Also see Dashboard tips to use during Vetting stage.

    1. Resolve all of the Errors.

    2. Review all open Requests and Discussions in the Forums, and respond.

    3. Consider other's opinions, by reviewing the Disputed and the Losing. See guidelines for handling Disputed and Losing.

    4. Review the items that are Flagged for TC and provide comments if you have information that should be considered.

To see the Flagged items, click on the Menu icon in the upper left corner, under the Forum header see Flagged items:

Resolution (Closed to vetters)

The vetting is done, and further work is being done by the CLDR committee to resolve problems. You should periodically take a couple of minutes to check your Forums to see if there are any questions about language-specific items that came up.