Number Symbols

The following symbols are used to format numbers. The Approved symbols for the locale will be substituted for the placeholders described in Number Patterns.

For English regional locales (e.g. en_DE) where English is not the primary language of the country/region (e.g. en_DE; English as used in Germany), the number formats and date formats should follow the English formatting usage in that country/region. Often, the formatting usage in English tend to follow the British or American formatting rather than the formatting of the primary language. Consult with the English versions of prominent magazines or newspapers for guidance on date and number format usage.

💡 Helpful Tips

    • The symbols marked with * (in the 3rd column) in the above table typically do not need to be changed for other languages.

    • Review the examples in the Survey Tool on the right-side pane to ensure that all pattern and symbols are as expected. (Shown in the screenshot below)

    • The winning symbols in your locale are used in the Number Format examples. Please complete the Number Symbols before working on Number Formatting Patterns.