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CLDR provides key building blocks for software to support the world's languages, with the largest and most extensive standard repository of locale data available.

Translations in the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository are gathered and processed via what is called the Survey Tool, an online tool that can be used to view data for different languages and propose additions or changes. This tool provides a way to propose new localized data, see what others have proposed, and communicate with them to resolve differences. During each submission period, contributors from Unicode Consortium members, other organizations and the public at large are invited to review the data for their languages and countries, and propose new translations of terms or modifications, including language translations entirely new to the repository.

Below are the main pages to look at.


For the Milestone schedule, see the navigation bar on the left.


You don’t need an account to view data for a particular language. If you wish to propose changes or additions, you will need an account. For how to get one, see Survey Tool Accounts. If you would like to add data for a new locale, see Adding New Locales.


For an overview of how the Survey Tool works, see the Survey Tool Guide.

New Fields

To see a summary of the new fields that will be in the next version of CLDR, see At the top of that page you can follow a link to the beta release page.


For developers, see the development pages.