CLDR Development Site

Some of the key pages for developers are:

  1. New CLDR Developers

    1. Maven Setup (for command line & Eclipse)

      1. Obsolete (but may still contain useful nuggets): Eclipse Setup

    2. Eclipse (survey tool)

  2. Handling Tickets (bugs/enhancements)

  3. Updating DTDs

  4. Editing CLDR Spec

  1. Adding a new locale to CLDR

The subpages listed give more information on internal CLDR development. See also: Sitemap.

Note: when editing Sites pages it is often useful to clean up HTML in material pasted in from other sources, such as Word or Google Docs. Some useful regexes for that:

<(font|span|div)[^>]+> <$1>


Also see the Google Docs to Markdown extension, by edbacher