CLDR: Big Red Switch

What to do before we release for CLDR version X (current version X = 28):

All: remember to make sure that the target: X is set on all the X bugs, otherwise the Release Changes link won't pick them up.

Items marked * are for the "Little Red Switch": dot-dot releases (supplemental data, ids, timezones, small spec fixes). Items marked ** are only done for a LRS if there was a DTD change.

Trial New Version (Let us know if you need write access!)

(For editors: List View of BRS, Spreadsheet View)

Contributor Message

For each release, we add names to the Unicode CLDR Acknowledgments page:

However, names are not automatically entered there, since some people may not wish to have their names listed. If your name is not there and you would like it to be, please send me your name as it should appear on that page. Your name should be in Latin characters, optionally with names in one or more other scripts in parentheses, such as "Vladimir Weinstein (Владимир Вајнштајн)"

---- how to send this message: currently a crude process ----

1.get list of those who contributed through Survey tool (Login as TC, under 'Manage Users', click 'Email Address of Users Who Participated' (shows all users, not just your org)

2. e-mail that list on BCC: the above message with a subject line of "[CLDR X.Y Contributor Message]", and a request to please keep the subject line intact.

3. Then, the subject line can be used to filter/locate the contributor requests.