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Starting Submission

During Submission, please read the CLDR Training (if new to the survey tool), please focus on the missing, provisional, and errors. Please read the Announcements and Updates. For more information about the priorities during Submission, see Survey Tool stages under Survey Tool phase: General Submission. The Submission phase lasts until June 11; then the Vetting phase lasts until June 30.





When a section below changes, the date will be in the header.

Status and Schedule

The Survey Tool is now open for Submission until the start of Vetting on June 12th (schedule); then the Vetting phase lasts until June 30.

New Areas (2024-05-30)

Most of the following are relevant to locales at the Modern Coverage Level.

New emoji

Seven new emoji have been added (images above). These will be released in Unicode 16 in September, so they need short names and search keywords.

Emoji search keywords 

New/expanded units

Language names

As new locales reach Basic Coverage, their language names have been added for locales targeting modern coverage: Anii, Kuvi, …, Zhuang


There is a new metazone for Kazakhstan (which merged its two time zones).

Survey Tool (2024-05-30)

Once trained and up to speed on Critical reminders (above), log in to the Survey Tool to begin your work.

Survey Tool Changes

more on the page. See below for a table. They override the symbols in Survey Tool Guide: Icons.

Important Notes

New Approve Status Icons

Known Issues (2024-06-10)

This list will be updated as fixes are made available in Survey Tool Production. If you find a problem, please file a ticket, but please review this list first to avoid creating duplicate tickets. 

Resolved Issues

Recent Changes

CLDR training (for new linguists)

Before getting started to contribute data in CLDR, and jumping in to using the Survey Tool, it is important that you understand the CLDR process & take the CLDR training. It takes about 2-3 hours to complete the training.

*If you (individual or your organization) have not established a connection with the CLDR technical committee, start with Survey Tool Accounts.

Critical reminders (for all linguists)

You're already familiar with the CLDR process, but do keep the following in mind:

Tip: The Reports are a great way to validate consistency across related logical groups, e.g. translations of date formats. Use them to proofread your work for consistency.

Tip: The links in the Info Panel will point you to relevant instructions for the entry you’re editing/vetting. Use it if in doubt.