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2023-10-01 The survey tool is closed, and will remain closed during the v45 cycle.

2023-07-06 Submission phase is now closed. Survey Tool is now in vetting mode.

2023-06-21 The Survey tool has been updated: see Recent Changes


CLDR 45 will be closed cycle so the survey tool will not be open for submission.

The next open cycle will be CLDR 46, which is expected to open for submission in late-May similar to previous general open submission cycles.


This page and the pages in this section provide guidelines for translation of CLDR strings. 

Scope for CLDR v44

V44 is a general submission cycle. For details on the contents, see "What's new in this cycle", below.

Current Survey Tool stage: v44 Resolution

Thank you for contributing to CLDR! 

For more information about the current CLDR stage please see the Resolution section in the Survey Tool stages page.

Please refer to the Milestone Schedule for the full v44 release schedule.



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What's new in this cycle

New locales and locale upgrades

New Data Fields

Revisited Data Fields

We are using a new process in this release, to make sure that certain types of fields are reviewed. The fields have been reset to Provisional, and you'll see them marked as P in the Dashboard. The number of fields to revisit varies by locale: for example, German has around 50 revisited fields while Amharic has around 100.

Survey Tool Changes

Recent Changes

Translation quality

The following are areas where we have seen data quality issues or those that need your attention more carefully. 

Translation guides

If you are new to CLDR, use the @Getting Started topics to get started and review the left Table of Contents under Translation Guides.

Known Issues

Last updated: 2023-05-26

Please review this list before getting started to avoid creating duplicate tickets. This list will be updated as fixes are made available in Survey Tool Production. If you hit a problem, please file a ticket.

Resolved Issues

Last updated: XXXX-XX-XX