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v40 information

This page and the pages in this section provide guidelines for translation of CLDR strings.

  • Please read this page completely before starting, and visit this page (Information hub for linguists) every other day, and check for news at the top. Also check the Known Issues for any new problems.

  • The information on this page will be updated at least weekly. Please bookmark it!

Current Survey Tool stage: v40 Data Freeze

We’d like to thank all the people who have submitted data to this version of CDLR!

It has been very successful in meeting the coverage locales. We are now in Vetting mode, and the goal is to drive the number of Error and Provisional values down to zero. A secondary goal is to resolve any Disputed items if possible. During this time, the CLDR committee is going to be resolving the items that vetters have flagged (there are currently 63), and may raise some Forum Discuss items to get feedback from vetters.

Please raise any issues via the Forum Request to resolve any disagreements — and check periodically to see if any new Forum requests have been raised by others.

Please refer to the Milestone Schedule in the left navigation for the full v40 release schedule.


    1. Know Data stability expectations

    2. Know topics under @Getting Started to ensure familiarity on what you may encounter working in the Survey Tool.

  1. @General translation guides are the customary expectations for all the vetting work.

  2. Disconnect error. If you see a persistent Loading error with a disconnect message or other odd behavior, please empty your cache.

  3. Survey Tool email notification may be going to your spam folder. Check your spam folder regularly.

What's new in this cycle

  • If you are new to CLDR contribution, please read the prerequisites above first.

  • If you have contributed to CLDR in the past, below are the information that's new or changed since the last release.





marks important translation tips

marks items that need special attention

marks latest updates

Survey Tool

  • Survey Tool modernizations. For returning vetters: most of the changes are natural cleanup to the UI that will be easy to switch to, or are not visible in the UI. However, the Dashboard is very different.

    • You can open the Dashboard in two ways: the old way in the left-hand popup, or with a new button at the top right of the main window.

    • When you open the Dashboard, it will open a new pane at the bottom of the main window.

    • The problems or warnings are in rows, starting with a circled letter or letters, referring to the category, such as Ⓜ️ for Missing.

    • Clicking on a row will move the focus of the top pane to the right page and item for you to examine and fix.

    • The hide buttons are on the right, and clicking at the top "hide" will hide all the checked boxes.

    • To save time, the Dashboard results are cached, and can go stale over time. Click on the ↻ (curly arrow) to refresh the window

  • Forum changes. Vetters should use the Request button; the Discuss button is no longer available.

    • 💡 Please read the details under Forum in the Survey Tool Guide.

    • Forum posts prior to v39 are considered as Closed. If there were postings that people did not respond to, please post a new forum posting by copying over the pertinent information to the new post.

New data

Following are new data that have been added for data collection in this release.

  • Grammatical Features — the grammatical data is being collected for more locales. We had previously collected data for 12 locales (da, de, es, fr, hi, it, nl, no, pl, pt, ru, sv), as a first pass. This cycle we are collecting data for 29 additional locales (am, ar, bn, ca, cs, el, fi, gu, he, hr, hu, hy, is, kn, lt, lv, ml, mr, nb, pa, ro, si, sk, sl, sr, ta, te, uk, ur), and collecting data for more units of measurement for both locales. Before starting please carefully read Grammatical Inflection if your locale is in either of these two lists!

  • Emoji — the Version 14 emoji data is being collected for the following new emoji:

  • And a few other items:

    • A few languages or language variants

    • 2 flexible date formats

    • A new timezone

    • List formats for "Or"

Translation quality

The following are areas where we have seen data quality issues or those that need your attention more carefully.

  • There has been some confusion about the difference between the units point, pixel, and dot. Please read Points-dots-and-pixels before continuing.

  • [Only for Inflection Locales] Many people didn't understand the minimal pair patterns for case and gender. Please read and follow the instructions on Grammatical Inflection.

  • Avoiding voting for English

    • For items that do not work in your language, please don't simply use English. Find a solution that works for your language. For example, if your language doesn't have a concept of "quarters", use a translation that describes the concept "three-month period" rather than “quarter-of-a-year”.

    • Dealing with “Same as code” errors:

      • Since v37, if you voted for the Code, a Same as Code error will raise.

      • When translating codes for items such as languages, regions, scripts, and keys, it is normally an error to select the code itself as the translated name (such as “en” as the translated name for code “en” English), except for some specific cases including certain script codes (for example, code “Thai” is also the name for script Thai in several languages).

    • If the error appears under Typography, you can ignore. [CLDR-13552]

  • Bidi example limitations [CLDR-10674]. If you are working with a bi-directional languages, be aware of the Right-to-Left and Neutral context. Survey Tool only shows examples with a strong RL context, and we have been issues where vetters removed the ALM bidi marks or modify the patterns without considering the neutral context. Please be cautious of changing the bi-di formatting data.

  • Handling Display name menu variants

Translation guides: updated sections

If you are new to CLDR, use the @Getting Started topics to get started and review the left Table of Contents under Translation Guides.

Major updates have been done to the following list of translation guides for clarity:

💡 Translation tips

See two new sections with guidance on new data units of measurement.

Known Issues

Last updated: 2021-06-30

Please review this list before getting started to avoid creating duplicate tickets. This list will be updated as fixes are made available in Survey Tool Production. If you hit a problem, please file a ticket. The bolded items are older, but have had lower priority than the newer ones. The non-bolded ones are also listed at the top of this page.

  1. Expanded section in left navigation panel flickers if clicked [CLDR-14750]

  2. Left navigation panel empty if language opened in Survey Tool prior to logging in with vetter account. [CLDR-14749]

    1. Workaround: Log in first before selecting a language

  3. Same name collision error. If two items differ only by upper/lower case or punctuation, it still counts as a collision. However, currently, only one of them is flagged as an error. [CLDR-11274]

    1. Images for the plain symbols. Non-emoji such as , √, », ¹, §, ... do not have images in the info pane.

    • Workaround: Look at the Code column; unlike the new emoji, your browser should display them there. [CLDR-13477]

  1. Careful with square brackets. Brackets "[ ]" under Alphabetic information are used to group the alphabetic information and they are not part of the data. [CLDR-13180]

    • Workaround: Please ignore the [ and ] characters in the Alphabetic information and do not try to update the data to exclude the [ and ].

Resolved Issues

Last updated: 2021-06-30

The following list of previously listed on the Known Issues have now been resolved and fixed:

  1. When people get a <inconsistent draft status> on a new item, they may not be able to fix it if only one Organization is voting. An example is the Slovenian Units / Duration / Century / long-few-accusative [CLDR-14907]

    1. Workaround: Wait to fix the <inconsistent draft status> errors until the problem is fixed.

  2. Identical day-person and day should not raise error [CLDR-14807]

    1. Workaround: Refrain from tackling day-person units until this is resolved

    2. Note: very few locales need these items, since they are only needed where years, months, etc. are different when used for people's ages than for other things.

  1. English changed includes some incorrect items that have not been changed [CLDR-13853]

    1. There are also very substantial reductions in the number of English Changed, since we are now only checking back to v36. That will allow you to deal with the remaining ones.

  1. Polish and Russian couldn't enter in some values [CLDR-14866]

  2. Too many "Too wide" errors. [CLDR-14808]

    1. These are substantially reduced for units

  1. Too many "same as in English" warnings [CLDR-14810]

    1. These now exclude units, since so many of them are common across languages.

  1. ST: need to trigger previous vetter vote copy [CLDR-14821]

  1. Users may get stuck on the "Waiting for SurveyTool to start up" page although the SurveyTool has actually started. [CLDR-14790]

      1. Workaround: Navigate directly to and you will be returned to the SurveyTool.

    1. Notification Emails may have had an incorrect URL ending in "SurveyAjax" which does not work. [CLDR-14814]

      1. Workaround: Navigate directly to and you will be returned to the SurveyTool.

  1. The Dashboard's open/close status doesn't persist when navigating between pages [CLDR-14389 CLDR-14647]

    1. Workaround: ; it sometimes needs to be re-opened after visiting a different page

  1. A draggable divider between the Dashboard and voting view would be helpful [CLDR-14647]

  1. CLDR survey tool dashboard showing incorrect number of issues [CLDR-14827]