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2023-01-18 The Survey Tool in now in the Resolution phase, and the TC members will be resolving any remaining issues. You won't be able to add any more votes, but you may get an request for information to help resolve an issue from a TC member, via a forum post. We would appreciate your responding to those requests. The Resolution phase is to end by February 1.

2023-01-09 The Submission Phase is closed. Please begin the Vetting Phase, which closes on January 18.

2022-01-04 The Submission period is extended up to Monday, January 9 at 9am US Pacific time.

  1. Some error conditions were formerly hidden. English (India & Canada), Hindi (Latin), & Portuguese (Portugal) will need attention.

  2. Three of the reports are not relevant for this release, and are longer counted.

  3. The guidance for how to do the reports has been updated: please read review-formats.

2022-12-12 Fixed a number of problems: spurious errors in Basic locales, not being able to load the Person Names Report, counting Disputed items. This may affect your locale's Progress score. See Recent Changes for details.

2022-12-07 Additional notes based on your questions Person Names are highlighted in the Person Names Guide.

2022-12-05 A new data item: exemplar city 'Ciudad Juárez' has been added under Timezones > North America and Person Names guide was updated.

2022-11-29 The survey tool is open for limited submission for CLDR v43.

2022-11-15 The survey tool is in shakedown for CLDR v43, with a limited scope submission.


This page and the pages in this section provide guidelines for translation of CLDR strings.

  • Please read this page completely before starting, and visit this page (Information hub for linguists) every other day, and check for news at the top. Also check the Known Issues for any new problems.

  • The information on this page will be updated at least weekly on Wednesdays if there are changes. New information will be highlighted by blue italicized text. Please bookmark it!

  • If you are new to the online tool (or just want to refresh your memory), please read the Survey Tool Guide before starting. Some basic topics include:

  • Once you are ready, go to the Survey Tool and log in.

Scope for CLDR v43:

This is a limited Submission. Only certain locales are open, and only certain fields in those locales:

Person Names

    • We have made many changes to Person Names section to help clarify the various fields' usage and to allow for more variations in certain cultures, including the treatment of foreign names. Among these changes are:

      • There is a second set of sample names that are explicitly for foreign names written in your script. So there is a set of samples for native names, and another set of foreign names.

      • We are removing "prefix" and "suffix" and replacing them with "title", "generation, and "credentials".

    • You will need to review all of the name patterns, and all of the sample names. There are many more details are at the top of the Person Names Guide. Please read that document before starting, especially the section on Version 43 Changes.


    • In CLDR v42, we introduced "Türkiye" as an alternate name for the country "Turkey". In v43, we will use "Türkiye" as the default name and "Turkey" as the alternate.

    • Please make any necessary adjustments to the localized values, especially if

      • the name of the country 'Türkiye' in your language is identical to the name of the bird 'turkey' in your language, or

      • the name of the country contains the letters "turkey" as a sequence (with letters in either upper- or lowercase)

    • However, don't make a change yet if a revised name is not yet in widespread usage.

Mexican Metazone

    • A new data item: exemplar city 'Ciudad Juárez' has been added under Timezones > North America.

      • Note: This will not show up as missing a translation in the dashboard for Latin-script languages, but you can add a translation if your language requires one.

Current Survey Tool stage: v43 Limited Submission

Thank you for contributing to CLDR!

For more information about Limited Submission and the Submission stage of CLDR please see the Survey Tool stages page.

Please refer to the Milestone Schedule for the full v43 release schedule.


  1. Know Data stability expectations

  2. Know topics under @Getting Started to ensure familiarity on what you may encounter working in the Survey Tool.

  3. @General translation guides are the customary expectations for all the vetting work.

  4. Disconnect error. If you see a persistent Loading error with a disconnect message or other odd behavior, please empty your cache.

  5. Survey Tool email notification may be going to your spam folder. Check your spam folder regularly.


💡 marks important translation tips

bolded text marks items that need special attention

blue italicized text marks latest updates

What's new in this cycle

  • If you are new to CLDR contribution, please read the prerequisites above first.

  • If you have contributed to CLDR in the past, below is the information that's new or changed since the last release.

    • Regional Inheritance has been simplified:

      • There is no longer a distinction between "votes for inheritance" and "votes for the specific value currently matching the inherited value". See the guide for details.

      • There is also new Dashboard category listing where items changed because a parent value changed.

    • Renaming organizations. If you were contributing individually, and a member of the "Guest" organization, your organization is now renamed to Unaffiliated

    • Managers. You are allowed to add vetters with 1-vote outside of Locales.txt. Note that for data items to be confirmed, items need at minimum 4 votes total, but may require more for specific items.

    • Info Panel. This is open automatically, but you can also now hit a button to open or close it.

Recent Changes

December 12

  • Fixed a number of problems:

    • Spurious errors in Basic locales — some values were reported as errors that were not Basic items.

    • Not being able to load the Person Names Report — this happened in Swedish.

    • Counting Disputed items — some items were counted as Disputed, when they should have been Missing or Provisional. This may affect your locale's Progress score.

December 5

  • A new data item: exemplar city 'Ciudad Juárez' has been added under Timezones > North America. Updates have been made to the Person Names guide.

    • Note: This will not show up as missing a translation in the dashboard for latin script languages, but you can add a translation if your language requires one.

November 17

  • Scope for CLDR v43 limited submission added

November 29

  • Page updated with Survey Tool changes

Survey Tool

Translation quality

The following are areas where we have seen data quality issues or those that need your attention more carefully.

  • Avoiding voting for English

    • For items that do not work in your language, please don't simply use English. Find a solution that works for your language. For example, if your language doesn't have a concept of "quarters", use a translation that describes the concept "three-month period" rather than “quarter-of-a-year”.

  • Dealing with “Same as code” errors:

    • Since v37, if you voted for the Code, a Same as Code error will raise.

    • When translating codes for items such as languages, regions, scripts, and keys, it is normally an error to select the code itself as the translated name (such as “en” as the translated name for code “en” English), except for some specific cases including certain script codes (for example, code “Thai” is also the name for script Thai in several languages).

    • If the error appears under Typography, you can ignore. [CLDR-13552]

  • Bidi example limitations [CLDR-10674]. If you are working with a bi-directional languages, be aware of the Right-to-Left and Neutral context. Survey Tool only shows examples with a strong RL context, and we have been issues where vetters removed the ALM bidi marks or modify the patterns without considering the neutral context. Please be cautious of changing the bi-di formatting data.

  • Handling Display name menu variants

Translation guides

If you are new to CLDR, use the @Getting Started topics to get started and review the left Table of Contents under Translation Guides.

Known Issues

Last updated: 2022-12-05

Please review this list before getting started to avoid creating duplicate tickets. This list will be updated as fixes are made available in Survey Tool Production. If you hit a problem, please file a ticket.

  1. CLDR-15672 GMT short value not showing up in Basic level

  2. Expanded section in left navigation panel flickers if clicked [CLDR-14750]

  3. Same name collision error. If two items differ only by upper/lower case or punctuation, it still counts as a collision. However, currently, only one of them is flagged as an error. [CLDR-11274]

  4. Images for the plain symbols. Non-emoji such as , √, », ¹, §, ... do not have images in the info pane. [CLDR-13477]

    • Workaround: Look at the Code column; unlike the new emoji, your browser should display them there.

  1. Careful with square brackets. Brackets "[ ]" under Alphabetic information are used to group the alphabetic information and they are not part of the data. [CLDR-13180]

    • Workaround: Please ignore the [ and ] characters in the Alphabetic information and do not try to update the data to exclude the [ and ].

Resolved Issues

Last updated: 2022-12-05

  1. Exemplar city 'Ciudad Juárez' has been added under Timezones > North America in response to a late timezone change from Mexico [CLDR-16181]