Constructing Bulk Uploads

The following describes how to construct bulk uploads from existing files.

1. Use to find the original paths + values that you want to work from.

Example: all paths for Croatian

-f ^hr$
-p .*

hr.xml afarski //ldml/localeDisplayNames/languages/language[@type="aa"]

(Search has other options: use -h to see them.)

2. Copy the results (which are tab-delimited) into a file, and use regex, search and replaces, or spreadsheets to get the right format for a config file.


locale=bs ; action=addNew ; new_value= afarski ; new_path=//ldml/localeDisplayNames/languages/language[@type="aa"]

For example, what I find simple is to copy into a spreadsheet, and construct the config line from them:

"locale=bs ; action=add ; new_value=" & B1 & "; new_path=" & C1

Alternatively, for simple cases like the above, you can just do search & replace within the file.

3. Use CLDRModify using Config file to modify/create a file.

4. Sanity Check

5. Either merge into trunk or make a separate file for bulk upload, depending on the ticket description.