Updating Codes

Note: This is more complicated than it should be: we need to simplify the process. We just haven't gotten there yet with everything else going on!


First read Running Tools

The following tells how to get the version info for imported data used in a CLDR release.

DataFileVersion InfoDate
UN literacy dataun_literacy.csvDate at top2012-08
Worldbank dataworld_bank_data.csvDate at bottom2020-12-16
Factbook datafactbook_population.txtrecord when downloaded in TBD 
ISO 636 (language) dataiso-639-3-version.tabDate in YYYYMMDD format2021-02-02
ISO subdivision codesiso subdivision codesrecord when downloaded in TBD 
ISO subdivision namesiso subdivision namesrecord when downloaded in TBD 
ISO currency dataiso currency datarecord when downloaded in TBD 
Timezone IDs (tzdb)timezones (tz)Release date on IANA time zone DB2021-01-24 (2021a)
Top level domainstlds-alpha-by-domain.txtDate at top2021-02-17
Language GroupsTBDRecord when downloaded in TBD 
UN / EU CodesTBDRecord when downloaded in TBD