Running Tools

Provides tools for manipulating CLDR files.  Warning: these tools do not have much documentation


Variables: (you'll need to set these to whatever you have on your system)

For the purposes of this document, / and \ are equivalent. Note: Directories must have a trailing slash.

Variables HereDescriptionExample
{cldrdata}Location of cldr data root; that is, common, docs, dropbox are found here./Users/markdavis/Documents/workspace/cldr/src/


GoalProgram NameDescription
Common Arguments for all of following-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8
 Testing CLDRConsole General testing of data
// (use -h to see options)
Canonicalizing formatCLDRModifyGeneral verification of vetted data-r
// (use -h to see options)
Generating StatisticsCountItemsGenerate something like:
Total Items 66,319
Total Resolved Items 1,025,077
Unique Paths 4,717
Unique Values 45,226
Unique Full Paths 9,301
-Dmethod=countItems -DSOURCE={cldrdata}\incoming\vetted\main\
 Build most charts ShowLanguages  TBD
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