Updating Subdivision Translations

  1. Make sure that that the subdivisions are updated first as per Updating Subdivision Codes
  2. Go to ​https://query.wikidata.org/
  3. Paste in the following query.
  4. Update the language list in the query (bolded) from (de|fr) to the latest, eg as below.
  5. Submit (play button: ▶️
  6. Download as TSV
  7. Save as {workspace}cldr/tools/java/org/unicode/cldr/util/data/external/wikisubdivisionLanguages.tsv
  8. Run tool WikiSubdivisionLanguages
  9. Sanity check result, run tests.
    1. NOTES
    2. Should only add values, never change what is there beforehand.
    3. Currently excludes items:
      1. That fail exemplar check (broad test, allows any letters in script).
      2. Many of these are reparable, but need manual work.
    4. Currently renames items that collide within country.
      1. Uses superscript 2, 3 for alternates. More than 3 alternates, it excludes since there is probably a more serious problem.
    5. Needs a couple more locales: zh_Hant, de_CH, fil not working yet.
  10. Check in


prefix wdt: <http://www.wikidata.org/prop/direct/>
prefix wd: <http://www.wikidata.org/entity/>
SELECT ?item ?label ?code ?codeLabel
  ?item wdt:P300 ?code .
  ?item rdfs:label ?label.
  BIND (lang(?label) AS ?codeLabel)
  FILTER regex(?codeLabel,"^(de|fr)$")
ORDER BY ?code ?codeLabel

Language List