Translation Guidelines

This page was last modified on: Feb 5, 2018.
The pages listed to the left provide guidelines for translation of CLDR strings. For an overview of the tools, please read the Survey Tool Guide before starting.

Data stability

Please be mindful of data stability by carefully reviewing previously Approved data. When it's clearly incorrect, it should be changed. For data stability, when it's preferential, where two different values are both acceptable, avoid changing. When you have an evidence of a variant being much better and in customary use than the existing Approved data, use the Forum to bring up discussions and gain consensus to change Approved values.

Current Survey Tool stage: Closed for contribution 

The survey tool is currently closed for contribution. Please refer to Milestone Schedule in the left navigation.

Please file a ticket to ask questions or send feedback on emoji translation guides.

Known Issues

Please review this list before getting started and avoid creating duplicate tickets. This list will be updated as fixes are made available in production.

If you hit a problem, please file a ticket.

Resolved Issues

    Previously listed on the known issues that have been resolved:

    Survey Tool Stages 


    (There will not be a Beta period for CLDR v33)

    Data that you enter will not be saved at the end of beta. So during Beta, try out the tool to make sure you can log in, enter data in each section without worrying about its correctness, check that errors/warnings show up (eg make 2 countries have the same name, enter an English word when their script is non Latin, etc).


    (The Shakedown period for CLDR v33 will begin on Nov 30, 2017) 

    The survey tool is live and data that you enter will be saved and used. You can start work, but there may be can start work but  additional fixes during this period. So the tool may be taken down for updates more frequently than after we exit Shakedown.


    (The Submission period for CLDR v33 is planned to be Dec 4 to January 1, 2018) 

    In the submission phase, please focus on getting all Missing items entered. Missing items in sublocales (such as fr_CA) should be done after the main locale (fr) item has been translated, to avoid gratuitous differences.


    (The Vetting period for CLDR v33 is planned to begin on January 1, 2018) 
    . All contributors are encourage to move their focus to the Dashboard view. Consider other's opinions, by reviewing the Disputed and the loosing. See guidelines for handling Disputed and Losing.

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