Draft Schedule

We are planning on a different process for the future, with the following changes:
  1. A consistent release schedule each year.
  2. Two releases per year: Spring and Fall
  3. Making the survey tool open most of the year.
Q2-Q3 Phase
Apr Submission
May Submission
Jun Vetting
Jul Resolution
Aug Production 15 Final candidate tagged
Sep Production 15 Release
30 Survey Tool updated
Q4-Q1 Phase
Oct Submission
Nov Submission
Dec Vetting
Jan Resolution
Feb Production 15 Final candidate tagged
Mar Production 15 Release
30 Survey Tool updated

The Spring release is intended to be less data-intensive, with a shorter vetting period because of the December holidays. The 2013 Spring release has just a limited internal data phase, because it needs to be shortened to adjust to the new schedule.

Rather than having the Survey tool unavailable except during the Main Submission and Vetting periods, it would be available most of the year: It would be taken down during the Resolution phase, and occasionally for a week for updates or structural changes before the Main Submission phase. The two important periods for translators would be:
  • Submission: translators are asked to flesh out missing data, and check for consistency.
  • Vetting: translators are asked to review all changed or conflicted values, and reach consensus.