CLDR Charts

The Unicode CLDR Charts provide different ways to view the Common Locale Data Repository data.

Version  Link  Description
The latest release version
A snapshot of data under development
previous CLDR Releases/Downloads
Previous available charts (back to CLDR v22.1)

The format of most of the fields in the charts will be clear from the Name and ID, such as the months of the year. The format for others, such as the date or time formats, is structured and requires more interpretation. For more information, see UTS #35: Locale Data Markup Language (LDML).

Most charts have "double links" somewhere in each row. These are links that put the address of that row into the address bar of the browser for copying.

Note that not all CLDR data is included in the charts.


Provides a summary view of the main locale data. Language locales (those with no territory or variant) are presented with fully resolved data; the inherited or aliased data can be hidden if desired. Other locales do not show inherited or aliased data, just the differences from the respective language locale. The English value is provided for comparison (shown as "=" if it is equal to the localized value, and n/a if not available).

The Sublocales column shows variations across locales. Hovering over each Sublocale value shows a pop-up with the locales that have that value.


Provides a side-by-side comparison of data from different locales for each field. For example, one can see all the locales that are left-to-right, or all the different translations of the Arabic script across languages. Data that is unconfirmed or provisional is marked by a red-italic locale ID, such as ·bn_BD·.


Shows some of the transforms in CLDR: the transliterations between different scripts. For more on transliterations, see Transliteration Guidelines.

Survey Tool

Provides a view of the CLDR data designed for collecting and vetting data during certain periods. Most proposed data (new or corrections) is entered via this tool.


Provide a view of keyboard data: layouts for different locales, mappings from characters to keyboards, and from keyboards to characters.

BCP47 Extension

Shows the Unicode BCP47 extension data in IANA registry-style files:
  • bcp47-t.txt
  • bcp47-u.txt

Supplemental Data

Shows other data that is not part of the locale hierarchy but is still part of CLDR. Includes:

Locale Coverage

Language Plural Rules

Likely Subtags

Territory-Language Information

Language-Territory Information

Detailed Territory-Currency Information

Languages and Scripts

Scripts and Languages

Scripts, Languages, and Territories

Territory Containment (UN M.49)

Zone → Tzid


For more details on the locale data collection process, please see the CLDR process. For filing or viewing bug reports, see CLDR Bug Reports.

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