Continuous Build

[some quick notes for now]
  • build status @
  • single build:
    • validates xml
    • builds tools
    • runs consolecheckcldr
    • runs core unit tests
    • builds cldr-apps (SurveyTool)
    • runs cldr-apps unit tests
    • deploys SurveyTool to Smoketest

How to debug build failures from the command line on
  • View the failed build, keep that page open…
  • SSH into
  • "Invalidate" the build via the Invalidate button, and 
  • immediately execute:  sh -s -k
  • This will run the build from the command line AND not delete the workspace when done.
  • After failure, you can view/interact with the build results in (for example)  ~/build/build_cldr-all_1613
  • Scripts used to run the build are in ~/bin-build