CLDR Change Requests

Requesting Changes

There are two ways to request changes (for bug fixes or new features):

Use the CLDR Survey Tool

  • fixing/adding most language-specific data
  • for more information (including opening an account), see Survey Tool.

File a Ticket

  • additions of new locales (see Adding New Locales)
  • defects in the survey tool
  • adding or changing non-language data (such as currency usage)
  • additions or changes to data that is not yet handled by the survey tool (collation, segmentation, and transliteration)
  • feature requests in CLDR or UTS #35: Locale Data Markup Language (LDML).

Filing a Ticket

The CLDR tickets are located at:

To file a ticket, hit the large ➕ on the left side. If you don't have an account, you'll see an image like the following.

If you see that dialog, please sign up for a Jira account.

In CLDR Bug Reports, please try to give as much information as possible to help address the issue, and please group related bugs (such as a list of problems with the LDML specification) into a single bug report.

A few areas are particularly tricky.

Adding New Locales

If you would like to add data for a new locale, please File a Ticket requesting the addition. You should also notify your CLDR contact (see Survey Tool Accounts).