Development Version

The current version under development is CLDR 37. For the latest released version, see Latest Release.

The following stable links can be used to get the the latest development version.
Release No. Date Rel. Note Data Charts Spec Delta SVN Tag DTD Diffs
Latest: xx xxxx-xx-xx
n/a dev dev dev dev dev
  • The Rel. Note just goes to this page. The link at the top goes to the release page under construction.
  • The Data directory is not yet populated; see the SVN Tag for the current data.
  • The Charts are a snapshot. For the up-to-the minute locale data, see the CLDR Survey Tool.
  • The Spec is the current version under development.
  • The Delta links goes to all those tickets that are under consideration for the release, or have already been incorporated.
  • The SVN tag goes to the "trunk" version.
For more about the schedule of releases, see the Unicode CLDR Project