Language Script Description

The language_script spreadsheet should list all of the language / script combinations that are in common modern use. The countries are not important, since their function has been overtaken by the country_language_population spreadsheet.

    1. If the language and script are both modern, and the script is a major way to write the language in some country, then we should see that line marked as primary.

    2. Otherwise it should be marked secondary.

Every language that is in official use in any country according to country_language_population should have at least one primary script in the language_script spreadsheet.

If a language has multiple primary scripts, then it should not appear without the script tag in the country_language_population.txt. For example, we should not see "az", but rather "az_Cyrl", "az_Latn", and so on. For each country where the language is used, we should see figures on the script-specific values. The values may overlap, that is, we may see az_Cyrl at 60% and az_Latn at 55%. However, the combination with the predominantly used script must have a larger figure than the others.

This is also reflected in CLDR main: languages with multiple scripts will have that reflected in their structure (eg sr-Cyrl-RS), with aliases for the language-region combinations.

CVS Head:

  1. country_language_population_raw.txt

  2. language_script_raw.txt