LikelySubtags and Default Content

    1. First make sure that you do Update Language/Script/Region Subtags first

    2. Run GenerateMaximalLocales with VM argument -DCLDR_DIR set to your cldr directory to generate the likely subtag data AND the default content locales.

        1. If you are trying to debug, add the VM argument -DGenerateMaximalLocalesDebug

  1. Input data:

    1. Data comes from territory/language information in supplemental data.

      1. However, it is supplemented by LANGUAGE_OVERRIDES in

        1. If there is no territory/language information in supplemental data for a language, add it to LANGUAGE_OVERRIDES.

        2. If the mapping changes when it shouldn't (there are some special cases), add to LANGUAGE_OVERRIDES.

  2. Output:

      1. Creates {CLDR_DIR}/../Generated/cldr/supplemental/likelySubtags.xml and {CLDR_DIR}/../Generated/cldr/supplemental/supplementalMetadata.xml

      2. Diff with {CLDR_DIR}/common/supplemental/likelySubtags.xml and {CLDR_DIR}/common/supplemental/supplementalMetadata.xml

      3. Be very careful to diff everything and check for errors.

        1. Watch especially for backwards incompatible changes; that is, changes rather than just additions.

        2. Look at the above to handle that with LANGUAGE_OVERRIDES.

    1. Run tests, fix input data, and iterate as necessary.

      1. Copy into the svn workspace and commit.