Here are messages for different stages of the translation/vetting process, so that we can copy and update as necessary. The Red needs updating for each release. Each section also has the contents of the News Line for the Survey Tool.




News Line: Survey Tool is in Vetting Phase, with a deadline of Friday, March 13. Please follow the instructions on Vetting Phase.

Subject: Vetting Phase Starting - Deadline of Friday, March 13

The CLDR project is now progressing into the data vetting phase for the 1.7 release. During this phase, the goal is to try to resolve any discrepancies in the values entered by various submitters and organizations, and to eliminate any errors that occurred during the submission process.

Please take the time to review the error charts as described on Vetting Phase and attempt to correct all fields flagged as errors, disputed, or conflicted. This may require that you contact other vetters for your locale and resolve any differences you have in the proposed values. At this point, the survey tool will allow you to enter corrections for fields that were in error, but will not allow any more new data submissions.

The data vetting period is scheduled to conclude on Friday March 13, so it is imperative that you act in a timely fashion. Any data fields that are still in error or disputed at the end of the vetting period must be resolved by CLDR committee members who may or may not have a good working knowledge of your language.

Thanks again for your contributions to the CLDR project. If you have any questions, please contact your organization's CLDR administrators or send your questions to the CLDR mailing list at (if you are not already subscribed to, please see before sending your message).

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