Updating Code Process

So you want to update CLDR code/data in the CLDR Repository?

    1. Make your changes.

    2. Test locally

      1. XMLValidate

      2. ConsoleCheckCLDR...

      3. cldr-tools unit tests (TBD)...

      4. cldr-apps unit tests (TBD)...

    3. Commit your changes

    4. The build process here will pick up your changes - watch to make sure there are no failures

    5. If the build succeeds, the Smoke Test Survey Tool will be restarted using the new code/data.

      1. For CLDR 22, see the "ST Bringup 22" (protected) Google Doc for discussion

    1. To promote the Smoke Test code to production, there is a link on kwanyin/cldr-build - but, it may require discussion with the cldr-dev mailing list before promoting a change. As well, promoting the change will kick off currently active users.