The site is being changed to allow both for properties from ICU (currently at Unicode version 9.0) and from the new Unicode 10.0β.

This is not completely done, and there are some known problems.
  1. When characters are listed, the ICU names are still used, so the 10.0β names don't show up.
  2. If you use a property that has a β version but no ICU version (like Emoji_Modifier_Sequence), you get no error. [:Emoji_Modifier_Sequence:] will just show up as empty, for example.
  3. Identifier_Statusβ is not showing the Restricted values. [:Identifier_Statusβ=Allowed:] works, but to see the Restricted codepoints, you must use either
    1. [:Identifier_Statusβ!=Allowed:] or equivalently
    2. [[:Identifier_Typeβ=Inclusion:][:Identifier_Typeβ=Recommended:]]
  4. Properties with non-singleton values (like Script_Exceptions and Identifier_Typeβ) don't show up properly when you click on ShowValues in the properties list.
  5. There are probably others...
If you find a problem, please file a ticket at make sure to start the summary with "Unicode Utilities: "