Review Numbers

The composition of numbers uses a number of different fields in CLDR. The review chart lets you look over the results all at once, so that you can get consistency between the forms. For example, see the German review page.

Please review those charts for consistency as described below, and fix any problems that you run into. 

Each of the forms on the page should be acceptable for your locale. Please review the cells within each row for consistency, and also look for consistency across the rows for consistency. Check that each cell has the correct plural form. For example:

1.000.0001 Mio1 Million1 Mio €1.000.000
1.500.0001,5 Mio1,5 Millionen1,5 Mio €1.500.000
2.000.0002 Mio2 Millionen2 Mio €2.000.000