Number Symbols

The following symbols are used in formatting numbers. They will be substituted for the placeholders in Number Patterns

Name English Example
decimal 2,345.67
decimal separator
group 2,345.67
grouping separator, typically for thousands
minusSign +23 * the plus sign used with numbers
plusSign -23 * the minus sign used with numbers
percentSign 23.4% * the percent sign (out of 100)
perMille 234 * the permille sign (out of 1000)
exponential 1.2E3 * used in computers for 1.2×10³.
superscriptingExponent1.2×103         human-readable format of exponential 
infinity * used in +∞ and -∞. 
nan NaN * "not a number". 

* – Doesn't typically need to be changed in translation.