Logical Groups

A "logical group" is a set of CLDR items that need to be treated as a single unit in terms of voting.  Some common logical groups are:
  • Sets of month names or weekday names in a calendar.
  • Any group of items that have plural categories associated with them ( for example, in currencies "1 US Dollar", "5 US Dollars" ).
  • In compact decimals, groups of formats for 4-5-6 digits, 7-8-9 digits, 10-11-12 digits, or 13-14-15 digits.
There are two errors/warnings that you may see during entry of data, that you should fix if at all possible:
  1. "Incomplete Logical Group"; this is most serious.  This basically means that you need to enter values for ALL of the items in the logical group. For example, enter values for ALL of the month names in a calendar. When you enter values for all the items in a logical group, the warning should disappear.
  2. "Inconsistent Draft Status" or "All items in a logical group must be confirmed together".  This happens when the voting results would leave one of items in a group in a different draft status ( approved, contributed, provisional, unconfirmed ), than the other items in the group.  Depending on the situation, it may not be possible for you to fix this on your own without convincing someone else to agree with you.  But sometimes you can fix this problem by reviewing your vote and coordinating with other vetters to come to complete agreement on all items in the group.

When CLDR gets published, all items in a logical group must be in the same draft status, and the CLDR technical committee must resolve these so that all items in a group have the same status.