Locale Option Names (Key)

Locales can have special variants, to indicate the use of particular calendars, or other features. They be used to select among different options in menus, and also display which options are in effect for the user. 

Locale Option Names

Here are the names of Options to be translated.

Option Meaning 
Calendar Calendar system (the European calendar is called "Gregorian"; others are the Chinese Lunar Calendar, and so on.)
Collation How text is sorted (where a language has different possible ways to sort).
Currency The default currency. (The value is any currency value, such as USD).
Numbers The numbering system in use, such as European (0,1,2), Arabic (٠, ١, ٢ ), Devanagari (०, १, ).
  • Usually these are just derived from the name of the script.
  • There are some special forms, such as "Simplified Chinese Financial Numerals" or "Full Width Digits".
Private Use Used for Private-Use options (x).

Locale Option Value Names

The following are some examples of Option+Value combinations that need translation. Where the Value for the Option is not from a small set (Currency and Private Use), then the Locale Option Pattern is used (see Language/Locale Name Patterns.

 Option Value English Name Meaning
Calendar buddhist Buddhist Calendar Buddhist Calendar 
Collation dict Dictionary Sort Order The ordering used in dictionaries, where that is distinct from other forms (such as in Sinhala)
Collation phonebk Phonebook Sort Order The ordering used in phonebooks, where that is distinct from other forms (such as in German)
Collation  trad Traditional Sort Order An ordering used traditionally (in contrast to later conventions)
Collation reformed  Reformed Sort Order  Reformed collation (as opposed to earlier traditions — such as in Swedish)
Collationphonetic Phonetic Sort Order A phonetic ordering based on pronunciation. It may interleave different scripts, if multiple scripts are in common use.
Collation  direct Direct Sort Order The code-point order (in the Unicode charts)
Collation unihan  Radical-Stroke Sort Order Unihan radical-stroke ordering for CJK characters (those used in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
Collation  pinyin Pinyin Sort Order An ordering based on Pinyin (for Chinese)
Collation  stroke Stroke Sort Order An ordering based on stroke-count (for Chinese)
Collation  gb2312han Simplified Sort Order - GB2312 An ordering based on the character encoding GB2312 (for Chinese)
Collation  big5han Traditional Sort Order - Big5 An ordering based on the character encoding Big5 (for Chinese) 
Numbers armn Armenian Numerals The numbering system that uses Armenian digits.

For transform names (BGN, Numeric, Tone, UNGEGN, x-Accents, x-Fullwidth, x-Halfwidth, x-Jamo, x-Pinyin, x-Publishing), see Transforms.