Date/Time Review

The composition of dates and times uses a number of different fields in CLDR. The review chart lets you look over the results all at once, so that you can get consistency between the forms. For example, see the German review page.

Please review those charts for consistency as described below, and fix any problems that you run into. Read this page completely before starting your review, including the Caveats!


The Patterns section shows dates, times, and corresponding intervals (a range of two dates or times such as “Jan-Feb 2012”) generated from patterns. The datetime used for examples (and to start intervals) is “2012-01-13 22:45:59 GMT” (“Jan 13, 2012”).

Please scan down the Native Examples to see that they are correct representations of the English, and that they are consistent across rows.

year month January 2012 Январь 2012 fix
   to month+1 January–February 2012 Январь-Февраль 2012 г. fix

The 'Times 24h' is only relevant where the preferred format is 12 hour.

Lower down on the page are charts of weekdays, months, and quarters for review. When a language has two different forms depending on format vs stand-alone, there will be two rows for the same item. Russian, for example, uses the genitive for format (top row), but nominative for stand-alone (second row).

English Wide Abbr. Narrow
января fix
Январь fix
янв. fix
Янв. fix
Я fix

Please scan these over for inconsistencies as well. Languages that don't make a grammatical distinction should only have one row. The following, for example, is probably a mistake in the March row.

English Wide Abbr. Narrow
ජනවාරි fix
ජන fix
පෙබරවාරි fix
පෙබ fix
පෙ fix
මාර්තු fix
මාර්තු fix
මාර් fix
මා fix

Sample Review Problems

Here is a sample of review problems (from Russian):
  1. The casing is inconsistent; months and weekdays all should be lowercase.
  2. The following should have a  г. - (or we should remove the  г. from all).
  3. The following should be dot-separated, not dash.


If there is a direct relationship between the item and a pattern, you will see a cell with fix in it:
  • Click on fix to get to the Survey Tool. Fix the problem there as usual.
  • Post a message on the forum describing what you did (this can be for multiple related items), and asking other people to confirm. See the Sample Forum Post below:
    • This is especially important if there was an inconsistency between different patterns (such as #3 above).
  • Note that sometimes the same pattern is responsible for two different rows. For example, this happens with #2.1 and #2.2 above.
If there is no Change box (because Data Submission is over):
  • Ask your TC administrator to add the item.
    • In your message, please include the link to the item you got from clicking fix.
  • (What your administrator will do is add the item, but then abstain, so that their voting doesn't affect the results).
If there is something you can't fix in the Survey tool, (like problem #1 above), please file a new ticket.

Sample Forum Post

I recommend adding " г." to the year patterns for consistency with other date patterns:

Please vote on these items or post the reason why you disagree.


  1. The year values may vary between 4 digits and 2 digits. Don't worry about that.
  2. In some cases, the stand-alone forms are Titlecase when they should be lowercase (such as in Russian). Please add a comment to the following bug if you see this problem in your language: