Date & Time terminology

This topic is in-progress and and not finalized yet for use.

Following are terminology and definitions that are used for Date and Time structure and data in CLDR.  The terminology used in CLDR have dependency on LDML Spec #35 and names of methods and objects in ICU. 

 Terminology Definition Examples
Pattern characters
placeholder symbol
  The ASCII-range letters used in patterns,

character in a placeholder field
 G, y, M, d
pattern fields

placeholder fields
 A sequence of one or more of the above used in a pattern

sequence of characters that is replaced in a pattern at runtime, like MMM, {1}, "###" (in numbers)
Spec: Elements
ICU: textual forms as symbols
The specific localized values that replace a pattern fields depending on the date Monday or January, or 7. 
 calendar fields The abstract calendar type that is represented by the letters era or year.
 calendar field “names" The localized names for each type of calendar field “era” or “year”: