City Names

Please choose the most neutral grammatical form of the city name. The city name will typically be used to indicate a timezone, either in a menu, or in formatting a time.

In a few cases, what is included in the list of cities for translation is actually a country name, such as the following. In those cases, use the name of the country instead.

  • Costa Rica
  • Cape Verde
  • Faeroe (for the Faroe Islands)


A city may be used in a menu of timezone names, such as:

  • ...
  • United States Time (Los Angeles)
  • United States Time (New York) 
  • United Kingdom Time (London)
  • ...
Timezones may also have a simpler format, depending on the language, such as:
  • ...
  • United States (Los Angeles)
  • United States (New York) 
  • United Kingdom (London)
  • ...
The city name may also be used in formatted times, such as:
  • 12:51 AM France Time (Paris)

Unique Names

City names must be unique. See Country/Region Names for techniques.