CLDR Tools

About this page

This page is designed for general consumers of CLDR.  Members of the CLDR-TC doing development on CLDR itself, or other curious parties, should see New CLDR Developers and the CLDR Development pages instead.

Obtaining CLDR Tools

You can either obtain CLDR tools by 1. downloading "" from the CLDR Releases/Downloads page, or 2. checking out the CLDR source tree as per the CLDR Repository Access page. You will also probably want to download the CLDR data itself from either of these two locations.


Most of the CLDR tooling is written in Java. The Java JDK version 1.8 or newer is required, as is Apache Ant.


ant -f tools/java/build.xml jar

This will build tools/java/cldr.jar

Running the tools

Obtain a list of available tools

  • To verify your build of the CLDR tools, run the following command. It will print out a list of installed tools.

java -jar tools/java/cldr.jar

  • Adding the -l option will list otherwise-undocumented or hidden tools.

Running a specific tool

  • A tool is run by entering its alias name or full package name  after "cldr.jar", followed by any other arguments or options. 
    The following two command lines are identical:

java -jar tools/java/cldr.jar validate   path/to/somefile.xml

java -jar tools/java/cldr.jar org.unicode.cldr.util.XMLValidator   path/to/somefile.xml

Tool environment settings

  • Many of the tools need to know where the CLDR data is located. This is accomplished by setting the CLDR_DIR variable. For example, if you have your CLDR data in /somewhere/cldr  you might call a tool this way:

java -DCLDR_DIR=/somewhere/cldr -jar tools/java/cldr.jar ...

  • If you run out of memory (not that it could happen with CLDR tools and data), you might need to prepend -Xmx or other options. See your JDK documentation.
java -Xmx700M -DCLDR_DIR=/somewhere/cldr -jar tools/java/cldr.jar ...

Tool Help

  • Many tools support the "-h" or "-?" options to display full help.
     Try adding these options if you are unsure of how to use a tool.

Specific Tools

CLDR has a lot of tools. See the list of subpages below for specific documentation. If a tool is not documented here, you might try the CLDR Development Site page or else file a bug.