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What's New: CLDR 24 Survey Tool

April 30, 2013 — The Unicode Survey Tool is open for data submission starting today. CLDR provides key building blocks for software to support the world's languages, with the largest and most extensive standard repository of locale data available. The survey tool is an online tool used by organizations and individuals to contribute data to this repository, and to vote on alternative contributions.


If you haven’t used the survey tool before, you should take a quick look at:
These documents give you a general overview how to submit data through the CLDR survey tool.

New UI

The survey tool has again undergone substantial revision, with dramatic improvements in usability. Some of the most important new features are highlighted below.

Old Vote Import Feature

If you have submitted votes in the CLDR 22 or CLDR 23 releases, you will be informed about your old votes when you first log into the survey tool.  The vote import feature will allow you to easily carry forward your votes from the previous CLDR data submission period, so that you don't have to vote on each item again as you did in prior releases.  By default, all of your votes that match the published CLDR 23 value will be pre-selected and can be imported with a single click.  Any non-winning votes from CLDR 22 or CLDR 23 can also be reviewed and imported as well, but these should be reviewed individually to see if they are still the correct value. 

You can always review your previous votes by selecting the 'Import My Old Votes' feature on the Manage page, once logged in.

Streamlined User Interface

If you have used the survey tool before, you will notice that the columns have been shortened in order to allow more data to be visible.  To edit a value, simply click on the currently proposed value and enter the changes in the input box provided.

Improved Navigation

The main navigation at the top of the screen has been divided into sections that more accurately reflect the structure of the resulting CLDR data.  High level groupings include "Core Data", "Locale Display Names", "Date & Time", "Timezones", "Numbers", "Units", and "Miscellaneous".

Known Issues

  1. Most Important : Pressing the navigation buttons while a page is loading can cause your session to hang.   Please wait for each page to load before selecting a new one.
  2. Keyboard navigation is still not working properly. You must use the mouse to select items to change.

Changes to Plurals

CLDR has a number of important changes to plurals; for details, see CLDR 24 Release Note - Under Development.

New Data Fields

There are a number of new data fields in CLDR; for details, see CLDR 24 Release Note - Under Development.