General note:
  • The subpanes don't auto refresh. Click the tabs to reload contents.
  • password needed.
  • you can bookmark a subpane
  • To get to the Admin Panel,  find the "cldr" directory (in your Tomcat server home).   If you have viewed a recent Survey Tool page, there should be an "admin.html" file.  It contains a link to your admin panel.


  • list of users currently logged in

  • list of active threads


  • gives the current settings ( which see
  • also allows you to modify some items
  • CLDR_HEADING - this is the headline message (now in yellow).  Use this to notify users that its' time to log out.


These are buttons that perform various actions.

  • rawload

This action allows you to import a copy of the production SurveyTool data to your local system for testing. It erases all users and votes from your local instance, hence it is only permitted for the "Local" Environment (i.e. not smoketest nor production).

To use:
  1. Download the file and store it on your local disk. This contains anonymous (no name or email address) information.
  2. Download (you can use Subversion) the pxml (proposed XML) directory from to your local disk.
  3. From the Admin panel,  click "Actions" and then click the "rawload" button.
  4. Fill in the form:
    1. ABSOLUTE PATH to users.xml  with the path to your local users.xml file
    2. ABSOLUTE PATH to pxml  with the path to your pxml directory
    3. Click the Submit button.
  5. This will take a few minutes. Watch your server console.
    • NOTE: This process purposefully causes the SurveyTool to enter a "broken" state, so that it isn't used in an inconsistent manner. The message "WARNING: SurveyTool busted: Due to IMPORT of local data" is expected and due to successful import.
  6. When successful, you will see something like
    • "1 user files read..."
    • "136 locales loaded from /home/srl/workspace/cldr-tmp2/pxml//common/main and 5 locales loaded from /home/srl/workspace/cldr-tmp2/pxml//seed/main"
    • "... Now busting (shutting down) your surveytool so that this will be picked up the next time around"
    • [warning] You must manually restart the SurveyTool to proceed. (i.e. restart Tomcat)
  7. Next, you must restart the SurveyTool.   From Eclipse, right-click the server instance and choose Restart.
  8. Your main (admin@) vetting password is unchanged, however, all other user accounts have been replaced by the production data.
Note: if you require non-anonymized user data,  the server has the file "users.xml" which has original names and email addresses.  See {tomcat}/cldr/vetdata/users/users.xml  on the server.