Organization Accounts

Organization Accounts

Organization Qualifications

  1. All organizations must be approved by the CLDR Technical Committee (CLDR TC).

  2. Organizations that are not a part of the CLDR TC normally only contribute to locales that are not covered by the CLDR-TC member’s core locales. 

    1. The CLDR TC may consider a proposal to allow contributions to core locales, but would grant it only if comfortable with the company’s level of expertise and commitment. Otherwise, interested organizations can interact in the Survey Tool with a guest account. 

  3. Organizations commit to fleshing out each of their locales to at least the Basic level. (This level rarely changes, so that should be sufficient for some time into the future.)

  4. Organizations must commit to interacting with other companies on the forum, when there are other Organizations with the same locale,

If an Organization becomes inactive, then the CLDR TC may decide to deactivate1 the organization.

How to request an Organizational Account

If you are part of a company or there is an official organization for your language that would like to have organizational status for contributing data, please file a separate ticket under CLDR Change Requests.

Please provide the following information when requesting an organization account:

  1. Name of organization.

  2. A main point of contact and a backup point of contact who will be responsible for maintaining the list of user accounts for the organization.

  3. List of languages and level of support the organization is interested in contributing data for.

  4. Supporting evidence that you are representing one of the following:

    1. A government agency (national or regional), major academic institution, recognized language authority, or similar organization.

    2. A major device manufacturer or software vendor

    3. A full, institutional, supporting, or associate member of Unicode ( that is not involved in the TC.

If your organization is not approved by the TC you are still welcome to submit linguistic data using a guest account.


Q. Is my organization required to join Unicode to participate in CLDR?

  1. No, but it is recommended to join if the organization would like to engage more fully in the work of the consortium.

Q. Why do Organisations have more voting power?

  1. See Survey Tool User Levels for information on user permissions and vote weight and user permissions.

Q. What does my organisation need to do in order to stay ‘active’?

  1. ‘Active’ is defined as participating in all stages of the data submission process for the supported  languages that are open to the organization including interacting with other organizations in the forum.


 1All management permissions, submission and voting rights are removed from the organization when they are deactivated.