CLDR 23.1 Release Note

No. Date Rel. Note Data Charts Spec Delta SVN Tag DTD Diffs
23.1 2013-05-15 v23.1 CLDR23.1 Charts23.1 LDML23 Δ23.1 release-23-1 ΔDTD23.1

Unicode CLDR 23.1 is an update release, designed to address specific issues that have been arisen since the initial publish of CLDR 23.
Major features are described below. The table above points to the files for this release. For a description of their purpose and format, see the Key.


The main features include the following (see the Delta link above for a full list of changes, aside from data additions and corrections):

Structural additions and changes

  • None

Data changes

  • Fix the ordering of the digits in the N'ko numbering system. [#5791]
  • Reinstatement of data supporting the Suriname Time Zone, which was incorrectly deleted in CLDR 23. [#5931]
  • Additions to support Kosovo as a separate territory with territory code "XK".  This is currently a private use code which is not in the IANA language subtag registry.  3 new locales have been added: sq_XK (Albanian), sr_Cyrl_XK (Serbian - Cyrillic), and sr_Latn_XK (Serbian - Latin).  Translations of the territory name "Kosovo" have also been added to many locales. [#5865]

Spec changes

  • None - The CLDR 23 LDML specification also applies to CLDR 23.1 data.

Conversion tools (including JSON support)

  • Many fixes and enhancements have been made to the JSON conversion utility, located at org.unicode.cldr.json.Ldml2JsonConverter in the  This tool allows consumers of CLDR data to convert data from the LDML format to a more directly consumable JSON format in a standardized way, according to the CLDR Specification for JSON Bindings.  A sample of the JSON produced by this tool can be downloaded here. The JSON sample contains data only for a subset of the published CLDR locales, and is intended for reference purposes only.  The JSON conversion utility allows users to create a customized configuration to filter and organize the resulting JSON data, converting just those pieces of data that are needed.  The utility also allows users to create JSON for a selected list of locales, and also to filter data by draft status or coverage level.  For more details on the JSON conversion utility, refer to the README file located in the downloadable JSON sample data.

BCP47 enhancements (since CLDR 23)

  • None


  • The Release Note contains a general description of the contents of the release, and any relevant notes about the release.
  • The Data link points to a set of zip files containing the contents of the release (the files are complete in themselves, and do not require files from earlier releases -- for the structure of the zip file, see Repository Organization).
  • The Spec is the version of UTS #35: LDML that corresponds to the release.
  • The Delta document points to a list of all the bug fixes and features in the release, which be used to get the precise corresponding file changes using BugDiffs.
  • The SVN Tag can be used to get the files via Repository Access.
  • For more details see CLDR Releases (Downloads).

The Unicode Terms of Use apply to CLDR data; in particular, see Exhibit 1.

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