CLDR 22.1 Release Note

No. Date Rel. Note Data Charts Spec Delta SVN Tag
22.1 2012-10-26    Version22.1 CLDR22.1 Charts22.1 LDML22.1 Changes22.1 release-22-1

Unicode CLDR 22.1 contains data for 215 languages and 227 territories—654 locales in all. Version 22.1 is an update release, with several important fixes to CLDR 22.0.

The table above points to the files for this release. For a description of their purpose and format, see the Key; for more details see CLDR Releases (Downloads); for a full list of changes, see the Delta link above.

The fixes include:

  • The new Turkish currency symbol (as an alternate form, until fonts catch up)
  • Simpler patterns for fallback timezone formatting (eg, “Los Angeles Time” instead of “United States Time (Los Angeles)”)
  • Extensive cleanup to compact numbers (eg, “1M” or “1 million”)
  • Changes of SPACE to NO-BREAK SPACE or vice versa for consistency, in many formats
  • Modifications to avoid collisions between city names and country names
  • Quarter patterns (eg, “2012Q1”) adjusted for consistency
  • Rule-based number patterns (eg, “twenty-three”) for several locales
  • Russian-Latin transliteration
  • Consistent capitalization for a few locales
  • Many clarifications to the specification (see Modifications)

New tooling has been added for:

  • Generating locales using transliteration (eg, sr_Latn, “Serbian in Latin script”) or filtering (picking alternate versions of items, removing unnecessary data, etc.)
  • Error checking: language names containing digits, values containing SPACE or NBSP when the other is expected, collisions between city and country names, etc.