CLDR 21.0.2 Release Note

The following are the files for this release. For a description of their purpose and format, see the  Key; for more details see CLDR Releases (Downloads).

No. Date Rel. Note Data Spec Delta SVN Tag
21.0.2 2012-06-06 Version21.0.2 available via SVN LDML21.0.1 Changes21.0.2 release-21-0-2

Unicode CLDR 21.0.2 is an update release, with no new translations. It contains only additional BCP47 data for the T extensions approved by the committee (see New BCP47 Extension T Fields) and a deprecation of one U extension: "direct" collation.

These new T Extension fields and subfields [RFC 6497] are now available for use in BCP47 and Unicode Locale/Language IdentifiersThe CLDR committee approved new fields of the T extension for different domains, allowing users of the T extensions to ignore types of subfields that are not relevant to them, and to group related subfields in an organized fashion. The new T extension fields and subfields are defined in the following files, as part of the CLDR 21.0.2 release:

For example:
  • "zh-t-i0-pinyin", to indicate Chinese text generated with a pinyin input method
  • "en-t-k0-dvorak", to identify a Dvorak keyboard for English
  • "it-t-k0-osx-extended", to request an extended Mac keyboard for Italian
The private use subfields can be used for private agreements, such as:
  • "ru-t-en-x0-mobile", to indicate a translation from English to Russian for use on a mobile device, or
  • "ja-t-de-t0-und-x0-medical", to identify a machine translation from German to Japanese with a specialized dictionary for medical terms.

 For more information on what else has changed since the 2.0.1 release, see the CLDR 21 Release Note and the CLDR 21.0.1 Release Note.


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