CLDR 2.0 Release Note

The following are the files for this release. For a description of their purpose and format, see the  Key; for more details see CLDR Releases (Downloads).

No. Date Rel. Note Data Spec Delta CVS Tag
2.0.0 2011-05-25 Version2.0.0 CLDR2.0.0 LDML2.0 Changes2.0.0 release-2-0

Unicode CLDR 2.0 contains data for 200 languages and 183 territories: 618 locales in all. In this release, there was a concerted effort to flesh out modern coverage-level data for the top 55 languages, for an increase of over 45% more data fields in those languages. Overall, there was an increase of over 20% in the total number of data fields.


  • Modified coverage levels to be data-driven, and fine-tuned the allocation
  • Added special indexing characters to CJK collations for stable index buckets (with radical, stroke-count, or pinyin)
  • Separated locales that are insufficiently fleshed out into /seed/ directory (available in the repository, but not the release)
  • Added explicit parent locales, to:
    • prevent cross-script inheritance (such as no longer inheriting Simplified Chinese values in Traditional Chinese)
    • add es-419 (Latin American Spanish) as a parent for Latin American locales, and pt_PT for African pt locales.
  • Added fallbackRegionFormat for improved timezone names
  • Added localeKeyTypePattern and variant script names (for Hans/Hant) for improved locale names
  • Plurals (see also Plural Rules)
    • Added explicit count values of 0 and 1 for plural data
    • Enhanced plural rules to allow for explicit lists, such as "n in 1,3,5..14"
  • Added to the  Key/Type Definitions
    • calendar type "iso8601" for ISO dates
    • number type "tamldec" for decimal Tamil numbers
  • Restricted the use of the <alias> element to only two circumstances: in root, and as whole-locale aliases
  • Currency
    • Restricted currency signs in root to only very broadly recognized symbols
    • Made U+20B9 INDIAN RUPEE SIGN the default symbol for INR in root
  • Added data for relative times (such as "3 days ago") with plural support
  • Deprecated and removed references in /common/main/

See the Delta link above for a full list of changes.


The changes to the specification are found at LDML Modifications.


The following features are not yet documented in the specification:
  • Some new metadata, notably parent locales ( #3938)
  • The special indexing characters added to CJK collations for stable index buckets (with radical, stroke-count, or pinyin) (#3952)
  • Number formats need further specification ( #3935)
Other errata
  • In supplemental data there are typos in language codes for Himachali (#3939) and Kurdish (#3947).
For more information, see Open Tickets.


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  • The Spec is the version of UTS #35: LDML that corresponds to the release.
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