CLDR 1.8.1 Release Note

The following are the files for this release. For a description of their purpose and format, see CLDR Releases (Downloads).

No. Date Rel. Note Data Spec Delta CVS Tag
1.8.1 2010-04-29 Version1.8.1 CLDR1.8.1 LDML1.8.1 Changes1.8.1 release-1-8-1

Note: See also Errata.

Unicode CLDR 1.8.1 is an update release, with no new translations. Changes include the following:


  • Significant fixes for zh_Hant, adjusting for the fact that lang-script locales now inherit directly from root
  • Some fixes for am/pm
  • Timezone fixes for short generics
  • Various other corrections to data.
  • Clarifications for the key "vt", and DTD/data versioning
  • Clarifications of alias and fallback elements, and draft attribute

See the Delta link above for a full list of changes.  For more information on what else has changed since the 1.8 release, see the CLDR 1.8 Release Note.


  • The Release Note contains a general description of the contents of the release, and any relevant notes about the release.
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  • The Spec is the version of UTS #35: LDML that corresponds to the release.
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