CLDR 1.7.2 Release Note

The following are the files for this release. For a description of their purpose and format, see CLDR Releases/Downloads.

No.DateRel. NoteDataSpecDeltaSVN Tag

Note: See also Errata.

Unicode CLDR 1.7.2 is an update release, with no new translations. The main changes are modifications to Unicode language and locale identifiers to correspond to the recent version of BCP47 in the LDML specification.  See the Delta link above for a full list.  For more information on what else has changed since the 1.6 release, see the CLDR 1.7 Release Note.


  • The Release Note contains a general description of the contents of the release, and any relevant notes about the release.
  • The Data link points to a set of zip files containing the contents of the release (the files are complete in themselves, and do not require files from earlier releases -- for the structure of the zip file, see Repository Organization).
  • The Spec is the version of UTS #35: LDML that corresponds to the release.
  • The Delta document points to a list of all the bug fixes and features in the release, which be used to get the precise corresponding file changes using BugDiffs.)
  • The SVN Tag can be used to get the files via Repository Access.