CLDR 1.6.1 Release Note

The following are the files for this release. For a description of their purpose and format, see CLDR Releases (Downloads). In terms of license, the Unicode Terms of Use apply; in particular, Exhibit 1.

No. Date Rel. Note Data Spec Delta CVS Tag
1.6.1 2008-07-23 Version1.6.1 CLDR1.6.1 LDML1.6.1 Changes1.6.1 release-1-6-1

CLDR 1.6.1 is an update release, with no new translations. The main changes are supplemental data changes required to support the Olson time zone database version 2008d.

The main changes in the LDML specification were editorial in nature.  There were some clarifications made regarding BCP47 subtags.