Core Data Submission Form

Please use this form to provide the "Core XML Data" for a new locale. 

Add the filled-out form in a new ticket as per Filing-a-Ticket

0. Administrative / Locale Identifier

0.a)  Requester's Name and Email address:

0.b)  Locale name:

0.c)  Locale identifier(s) (include scripts and territories):

1. Exemplar Sets

1.a) Main:  The minimal characters required for your language (other than punctuation)

1.b) Auxiliary: Additional letters and punctuation (beyond the minimal set) used in foreign or technical words found in typical magazines, newspapers, &c.

1.c) Index:  The “shortcut” letters for quickly jumping to sections of a sorted, indexed list (for an example, see

1.d) Punctuation: The punctuation characters customarily used with your language.

2. Orientation

2.a) Characters: Which direction are characters written in the language? 

( left-to-right (most)right-to-left (Arabic, Hebrew, ...), top-to-bottom, or bottom-to-top )

2.b) Lines:  Which direction are lines written in the language?  

top-to-bottom (most),  bottom-to-top, left-to-right, right-to-left )

3. Plural Rules

3.a) What are the plural rules for this language?

  • If your language behaves just like another one that we have plurals for, please supply it.
  • Otherwise, follow the guidelines in Plural Rules.  Note, plurals are complex—if you get stuck, please contact us or simply note in this section that you are having difficulty.

4. Country Data and Default Content

4.a)  Is the data in correct for the language and territory?  If not, please provide correct data:

4.b)  What should the default content locale be for the language? For example, German, Germany (de_DE) is the default content for German (de). This is usually the country with largest population using that language, and the normal script for that country's use of that language: 

5. Romanization (for non-Latin scripts only)

5.a) What is the Romanization table for transforming the script into Latin?