Updating ICU jar

The short instructions are:

On the ICU4J side, there's an ant target called "releaseCLDR".  So you run that from your current trunk ICU4J, and it will create 24 jar files in <ICU4J>/release_cldr/
  • icu4j.jar
  • icu4j-src.jar 
  • utilities.jar 
  • utilities-src.jar .
Take these 24 jar files, copy them over to <CLDR>/tools/java/libs.

In Eclipse
  • Find icu4j/build.xml
  • Right-click, Run As..., External Tools Configuration
  • Pick Targets tab
  • Check 'releaseCLDR', about 1/2 way down (and uncheck anything else)
  • Run
  • Open icu4j/release_cldr/
  • Select the 24 files, copy.
  • Open cldr/tools/java/libs
  • Paste
Check them into SVN...