Updating Survey Tool

Supplemental Data/structure

  1. Make the change to a supplemental file and/or DTD. (See XXX for details.)
  2. Run TestSupplementalInfo (if you added new structure, add a test there).

Testing Code

  1. Go to http://kwanyin.unicode.org/cldr-build/
  2. Click update code
  3. Wait until done (<1min)
  4. Go to http://kwanyin.unicode.org:8080/cldr-apps/survey
  5. Test & repeat above until it looks good.

Updating Survey Tool Code

  1. Go to http://unicode.org/cldr/apps/survey?dump=combining&action=specialmsg
  2. Change the message to "The server will be going down soon for maintenance: please save your work."
      ( Note: See cldr-properties for how to set this message permanently.)
  3. Set the timer to, say, 300.
  4. Click [set]
  5. Wait until the timer runs out.
  6. Go back to http://kwanyin.unicode.org/cldr-build/
  7. Click on Update Survey Tool code... to update the code.
  8. Wait until ST updates.
  9. Do a quick sanity check (open a locale, click on section, click on Vetting Viewer.

Updating Survey Tool Data

  1. Do "Updating Survey Tool Code" 
  2. Wait until done (<1min)
  3. Click Update DATA on unicode.org (login and do Easy Data Update as admin afterwards)
  4. Wait until done (<1min)
  5. Go back to http://unicode.org/cldr/apps/survey?dump=combining&action=specialmsg
  6. Click Easy Data Update
  7. Wait quite a while. (? 10min?)
  8. Go to http://unicode.org/cldr/apps/survey
  9. Test again.