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descriptive text from the SurveyTool Step-by-step setup page as a starting point.

This configuration file, located inside the 'cldr' directory of your web server, has a number of settings. This list aims to be a comprehensive guide to this file.
Some parameters may be edited within the SurveyTool by using the Step-by-step setup.  Just open tomcat/cldr/admin.html and click on the Setup link to get started.

Here is a description of the Priority column:
  • MANDATORY:  This option must be set correctly. Please check it. ST will not function properly if not set.
  • Optional:  May be set, if needed.
  • Production:  This should be set for production use, but is not necessary for development use.
  • Debug: Should only be set for testing purposes.
  • (deprecated):  Do not set this option.

More details on specific topics:

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CLDR_BULK_DIR  (deprecated) This is a path to a bulk-import directory.  
CLDR_COMMON [server root]/cldr/common MANDATORY Disk location of CLDR common data. See: 
CLDR_DB  (deprecated) JDBC Database name 
CLDR_DB_CREATESUFFIX  (deprecated) Appended to Protocol+Location for database creation 
CLDR_DB_DRIVER (derby) (deprecated) Class of JDBC driver. See subpage about Database setup. 
CLDR_DB_LOCATION [server root]/cldr/cldrdb (deprecated) Location (appended to Protocol) of JDBC connection 
CLDR_DB_P none (deprecated) Password of JDBC connection 
CLDR_DB_POOL  (deprecated) This was a jdbc pool resource, such as jdbc/SurveyTool 
CLDR_DB_PROTOCOL (derby) (deprecated) Protocol (prepended to Location) of JDBC connection 
CLDR_DB_U  (deprecated) Username of JDBC connection 
CLDR_ENVIRONMENT LOCAL Production enum: CLDRConfig.Environment. Values are LOCAL, SMOKETEST, PRODUCTION 
CLDR_FROM something@[yourhost] Production The "From" address for mail notification. 
CLDR_HEADER (a welcome message) optional If this is set, its contents are displayed at the top of the page in an informatory way. See CLDR_MESSAGE 
CLDR_LOCKOUT  optional If this is set, all users are locked out unless they give this value in the URL. 
CLDR_MESSAGE (a welcome message to the administrator) optional If this is set, no users are allowed to access the survey tool. This can be useful if the ST is disabled for some reason. 
CLDR_NEWVERSION "NEWVERSION" MANDATORY This will be displayed as the "new (current) version". 
CLDR_NEWVERSION_AFTER 1970-01-01 00:00:00 Production Votes on or before this date will be ignored for 'statistics' and 'coverage' pages. Set this to the release date of whatever CLDR_OLDVERSION is set to. 
CLDR_NOUPDATE false Optional [Debug] prevent all updates 
CLDR_OFFICIAL no Production If this is added as "yes", the warning "This is an unofficial site" is removed.  
CLDR_OLD_POSTS_BEFORE  Production Any items in the forums prior to this date will be considered "old". Set this to somethiign like 09/01/09 
CLDR_OLDVERSION "OLDVERSION" MANDATORY This will be displayed as the "old version". 
CLDR_ONLY_LOCALES (empty) optional If set, only these locales can be voted on. Must explicitly list sublocales. Example: cy cy_GB mn_Cyrl_MN mn_Cyrl mn ka_GE ka hy_AM hy 
CLDR_PHASE BETA MANDATORY Which phase of vetting ST is in: BETA, VETTING, SUBMIT, VETTING_CLOSED, or READONLY. See subpage about Phases. 
CLDR_QUICK_DAY false optional Causes rapid output of data to SVN, about once every 15 minutes rather than daily 
CLDR_SEED [server root]/cldr/seed MANDATORY Disk location of CLDR seed data. See: 
CLDR_SMTP none Production address of SMTP host for notification 
CLDR_VAP [random string] MANDATORY This is the master password for administration and the "admin@" user. 
DEBUG false Debug [CLDR Tools] turns on debugging output for some items 
SHOW false Debug [CLDR Tools] turns on debugging output for some items 
TEST false Debug [CLDR Tools] turns on debugging output for some items 
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