Building the Survey Tool (cldr-apps) under ant

Note: those new to Survey Tool development are recommended to use the much simpler Eclipse setup. 
  1. Build the CLDR Tools using the command line (or using eclipse) to produce cldr.jar
  2. Download and install Tomcat somewhere (don't use spaces in your directory names-please.).
    Verify that you can view pages from this server (such as at ).
  3. Configure Manager access for a user
  4. Check out somewhere. This will be referred to as CLDR_DIR later.
  5. go into tools/java and run "ant all jar"
  6.  go into tools/cldr-apps 
    1. Copy to
    2. Uncomment/edit all of the MANDATORY and potentially other lines in as follows:
      1. set CATALINA_HOME to the root directory of your Tomcat installation
      2. set password ( and potentially username if it is not 'admin' ) to match the "Manager access" user, above.
      3. CLDR_TOOLS shouldn't need to be set, as it is a sibling to the cldr-apps directory
      4. Set other lines according to the column of this table, (may be out of date- 2014)
  7. To test compilation, run:   ant web  
    (If there are any failures, check
  8. "ant war"  will build cldr-apps.war.
  9. Start up Tomcat ( cd tomcat/bin ; sh )
  10. Run (the first time):  ant deploy
    If all goes well, it will install onto the server,  as http://yourserver:8080/cldr-apps
  11. Test out the above URL (substituting your server's name or and the port number)- 
  12. If all goes well, you should see the page titled 'CLDR Web Applications'.
  13. Great, now Follow the CLDR SurveyTool setup instructions , remembering:
    1. ...the location of your "cldr/trunk" checkout to be used as CLDR_DIR.
    2. ...that you must use the tomcat/bin/ and tomcat/bin/ scripts to restart tomcat
    3. ...that you will find 'context.xml' as a text file inside the tomcat/conf/ directory