Generate algorithmic Locales

  • Run (and edit if necessary when?) tool/CLDRFileTransformer to generate transformed locales. 
  • Copy the generated xml files into common/{main, annotations, subdivisions}.
  • NOTE: Need to re-run each modified file in (main, annotations, subdivisions) through CLDRModify -fp (but NOT minimize (-r)) after generation!
    • Can be done with filter, eg (but update list!!)
    • -s${workspace_loc}/cldr/common/annotations
    • -fp
    • -m(de_CH|ha_NE|sr_Latn_BA|sr_Latn_ME|sr_Latn_XK|sr_Latn|yo_BJ|yue_Hans)\
{TODO: Steven file a ticket to automate Transform -> Modify}