UTS #35 Splitting

Strawman here for discussion.

1. Divide up the spec by functional lines:
  • Dates and Times
  • Numbers & Currencies
  • Collation
  • ...
  • Misc.
  • Other supplemental data
  • Supplemental metadata
Important features
  • Collaboration
  • Many authors
  • Cheap tools, accessible to everyone
  • Easy to edit.
  • Must be able to snapshot.
  • Stylesheets (or equivalent mechanisms) are critical.
  • ...

2. Options.

1. Use HTML, but break into Part1, Part2, .... Still have to muck with tagging; non-WYSIWYG editing.

2. Eric strongly recommends docbook (see http://wiki.docbook.org/topic/DocBookAuthoringTools).

3. Ask Richard Ishida about how W3C documents work. [Mark]

4. Use Sites for the subdocuments. We've done this in ICU, and it makes it easier to edit, and thus easier to add new material.

The release would consist of taking a snapshot of the site, copying to different number (eg ldmlspec2.1)

4.1. There is a rough prototype:

4.2. Discussion
      1. Mark to look at whether we can make a copy for a snapshot of a version. DONE (easy to do)
      2. Advantages:
        1. any of us can edit easily
      3. Disadvantages:
        1. Numbering couldn't be within chapter (eg Chapter 2 section 1 would be 1.)
        2. Could only approximate the TR format.
        3. CSS doesn't yet work.