How to add a new developer for SVN/SSH and Trac access

Users who have named accounts in CLDR Trac normally need to have SVN write access for committing bug fixes. This page documents the basic process of setting that up.

For SVN write access, users need to have a real Linux user account on the server. To add such an account, you need administrative access and must be logged into the server as root.

Add a new account with /usr/sbin/useradd. A typical command line is:

    /usr/sbin/useradd thename -c "CVS Acct Full Name, Company" -d /home/users/thename -u 60?? -m -g 300

Where "thename" represents a Linux user name. Include the person's full name in the comment field, and make the home directory equivalent to "thename". User IDs for CLDR SVN accounts should be in the six-thousand series, picking the next available number. (E.g. if 6056 is the last one in /etc/passwd, then pick 6057.) The group for SVN related accounts is always 300. (And if the group is incorrect, they may have trouble with SVN login and commits.)

After running useradd as above, set the user's initial password. Do not choose something simple! You can use this command to generate a decent random password:

    apg -M NCL -n 1

and then use this command to set the password:

    passwd thename

(It will then prompt twice for the actual password.)

E-mail (or otherwise convey) the password directly to the user, without a CC to anyone else; it is private information.

Edit the file /etc/ssh/sshd_config and add "thename" to the list of allowed login names, then run:

    /etc/init.d/ssh restart

That causes the SSH daemon to re-read the configuration and pick up the new user just added.

To add a user to CLDR Trac, see the documentation here:

Again, that process must also be done as root on the server. You will need the password generated above again as well. (It's easiest for users if the passwords are initially set the same, but it's not required.)

Add the user to the internal mail list This can now be done through the Mailman interface, by someone authorized to update internal lists on the server (normally Rick, Steven or Ellen in the Unicode office):

These days the cldr-dev Google group is used for CLDR-TC e-mail and (automatically) agenda access. The new user must be added to that group. The old list forwards mail to the Google group.

Add the new developer so they can view the CLDR Agenda (share):

The user may need assistance in setting up SSH and whatever SVN tools they use. Documents about that are on the CLDR development site.

If the user needs a (new) SurveyTool account,  you must login to ST as an administrator and add them.